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Women's Solstice-Equinox Fire Circles

No matter where our family tree originates, all of our ancient ancestors at one point honoured the seasons with ceremony and marked the key Solstice-Equinox calendar events in a way that connected them deeply to the land that sustained their lives.

Join us at Jnana Place in Currumbin Valley’s pristine rainforest to celebrate these 8 seasonal events. We will gather for a women’s circle around the fire, under the trees and tapped into Mother Nature and her rhythms.

Our circle will focus on seasonal themes reflected in both our outer and inner worlds and explore the layers of meaning behind these powerful celestial events that gently guide us with earthy wisdom through each of the 8 solstice-equinox calendar events:

2024/2025 dates coming soon

Winter Solstice 

The Start of Spring / The Awakening

Spring Equinox 

The Start of Summer / the Passion

Summer Solstice

The Start of Autumn / The Descent

Autumn Equinox 

The Start of Winter / the Season of Endings

By aligning our lives with the seasons around us (as opposed to those far away in the Northern Hemisphere) and marking the changing of the seasons and our own evolution with ceremony, we can return home to nature in a more authentic and honest way. We can harness the power of something much bigger than ourselves to support our individual paths and goals. We can also reclaim seasonal celebrations and make them our own - for this place where we live and the unique ways that the seasons shift and the ways we adapt our lives to meet them.

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