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Winter Solstice Women's Fire Circle

Date and time

Sunday, June 23 · 1:30 - 3:30pm AEST

We welcome you to our women‘s fire circles celebrating the Wheel of the Year.


No matter where our family tree originates, all of our ancient ancestors at one point honoured the seasons with ceremony and marked what the Celts call the ‘Wheel of the Year’ in a way that connected them deeply to the land that sustained their lives.


Join us at Jnana Place in Currumbin Valley’s pristine rainforest to celebrate the Winter Solstice. We will gather for a seasonal women’s circle around the fire, under the trees and tapped into Mother Nature and her rhythms.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are approaching the Winter Solstice or Yule, which is the start of the new rotation of the Wheel of the Year and marks one of the most important celestial events that our ancestors celebrated. The Winter Solstice is the beginning of the return of the light - after the shortest day and longest night of the year, the light and warmth slowly returns as we move towards Summer Solstice.

Our circle will focus on the rebirth that comes with the start of a new turn around the Wheel of the Year. We will set intentions about what we would like to birth into the new year, release anything that no longer serves us as we begin to prepare to emerge from the winter cocoon. Yule is a wonderful time to contemplate what is incubating with us during our winter hibernation and what will be revealed by the light when it returns.

By aligning our lives with the seasons around us (as opposed to those far away in the Northern Hemisphere) and marking the changing of the seasons and our own evolution with ceremony, we can return home to nature in a more authentic and honest way. We can harness the power of something much bigger than ourselves to support our individual paths and goals. We can also reclaim seasonal celebrations and make them our own - for this place where we live and the unique ways that the seasons shift and the ways we adapt our lives to meet them.

Ann Taylor, from Ceremona Rituals, will guide you in the ceremony and co-facilitate the circle. Ann draws from her Native American ancestry and experience as a celebrant to create soulful ceremonies that help anchor you in an eternal moment. Her deep connection to spirit, nature and her cultural roots inspire every step of her shamanic journey.

Ann will be joined by Vana Norton, owner of Jnana Place who will share her teachings on the wisdom of the Winter Solstice through an exploration of universal motifs, animal guides and deities found in the stories of our ancestors throughout the world. A lifelong enthusiast and researcher of worldwide spiritualities, Vana will demonstrate how we can each reconnect with this seasonal, ancestral wisdom to support and alchemise our journey through life.

What should I bring?

  • A bottle of water and a mug for tea;

  • Warm layers if needed (the rainforest can be cool in late afternoon);

  • Any small personal talismans, crystals or special items;

  • A small candle in a candle holder (votive candle recommended);

  • A cushion or folding chair if you are unable to sit comfortably on flat wooden benches around the fire.


***Attendees are welcome to stay on following our circle for a free 1 hour vision board session. BYO magazines for cutting up (limited magazines will also be provided) and bring your visions for the upcoming year to life while relaxing in nature with your sisters. Bring extra warm jackets and blankets as it can be very chilly at this time of year! ***

Tickets $44 + booking fee, visit below link:

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