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Rites of Passage

Throughout history and across all different cultures, the transitions from one life season to the next have been marked with celebration and/or ceremony. Here at Jnana Place we provide a sacred space to honour these important milestones.


Mother's Blessings


A Mother’s Blessing is a special celebration and ceremony marking the rite of passage that is a woman’s transition from maiden to mother, also known as ‘matrescence’. Unlike a baby shower which focuses on showering the mother-to-be with gifts for the baby, a mother’s blessing is all about supporting, nurturing and empowering the mother-to-be as she embarks upon this life changing journey.

While Mother’s Blessings are gaining popularity in modern day, it has taken inspiration from the traditional Navajo ceremony called a Blessingway. It is a beautiful way to mark the significant life occasion of becoming a mother as the woman crosses the threshold from one life season to the next.

We have several spaces available to hold your next Mother's Blessing event. We are excited to also be offering our Guest Bungalow very soon for overnight stays at a reduced rate when you book your event here. Perfect as a mini Babymoon getaway so that you can relax and enjoy the peaceful setting after your event has finished.




Facilitator recommendations:

While we provide the venue for Mother's Blessing events is important to choose someone to facilitate the ceremony. You can choose to either hire a professional Mother's Blessing facilitator or ask someone you know.


My lovely friend Fatima Wheeler @birthinggoddess has written a brilliant E-book with everything you need to know about hosting a Mother's Blessing called 'A Modern Guide To Hosting A Mother's Blessing'. We highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to host this special event for their friend or family member.



If you wish to hire a professional to facilate your Mother's Blessing ceremony we highly recommend Ann Taylor @ceremonamama @ceremonarituals , a gifted ritualist who has faciliatated many ceremonies on our land at Jnana Place and is particularly passionate about this special life season. 

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